Comparison to other fluoropolymers

Although Fluon®ETFE is slightly inferior in terms of chemical resistance, heat resistance, and electrical properties compared to PTFE or PFA, it is a very well balanced fluoropolymer compared to other thermoplastic fluoropolymer such as PVdF or ECTFE . See the chart below.

Chemical resistance and Gas-barrier properties of Fluon®ETFE

Fluon®ETFE is suitable for use with so many kinds of chemicals.
(Contents of this matrix can be influenced by temperature or pressure, so please contact us directry if more detailed information is required.)

Suitable Applicable Caution Not applicable

Base   not available for alkalis or amines   appearance of crack
Organic solvents   not available for polar solvents   appearance of swell
Gas barrier property

Stress-crack resistance of Fluon®ETFE

Fluon®ETFE has excellent mecanical strength compared to other fluoropolymers.

Surface smoothness of Fluon®ETFE




Scan area : 10.061 x 10.061 µmZ, 200 nm

Fluon®ETFE can achieve better surface smoothness than ECTFE. Compared with other coating materials, such as PFA, the smoothness is excellent.

About Fluoropolymers

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Fluoropolymers are highly functional plastics with unique characteristics.

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