Fluon®ETFE Film

Fluon®ETFE Film is a highly sophisticated film that is produced by AGC.
It does not contain plasticizers or adheisives. So the excellent properties of fluoro resin are maintained.
It is used in various industries including electronics, aerospace, solar and interior design because of high heat resistance, chemical resistance, non stick and excellent electrical properties.


  • Heat resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Durability
  • Light transmittance
  • Non flammability
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Non-stick Properties
  • Electrical properties


Melting point(℃) 260 195 82 260
Decomposition temperature(℃) 360 220 200 350
Continuous services temperature(℃) 150∼180 100 60 80

ETFE resin which is a raw material used as the basis of Fluon®ETFE Film, is a crystalline thermoplastic with a melting point of approximately 265-270℃. For general use, however, it is practical to use Fluon®ETFE Film at continuous service temperature determined by the long-term change of tensile elongation, which accurately reflects thermal deterioration of the polymer.

  Fluon®ETFE Film PVF PP PVC
Acids Excellent Poor Good Good
Alkalis Excellent Good Good Good
Solvents Excellent Poor Poor Poor

Fluon®ETFE Film is stable against most chemicals and has excellent chemical resistance.


Fluon®ETFE Film has light very high transmittance exceeding 90% from UV rays to IR rays.
Fluon®ETFE Film can maintain its optical properties and its superior mechanical properties for a long time.
One of the examples proving this is the first greenhouse which has been covered with Fluon®ETFE Film since 1985 It has no problems to use and Fluon®ETFE Film shown practically no signs of aging.
Fluon®ETFE Film shows almost no aging after 1500 hours of accelerated weather resistance testing (Sunshine Weather-O-Meter). This test procedure is equivalent to 29 years in the sun.


Fluon®ETFE Film has very good optical properties and has high sunshine transparency.
The light transmittance of Fluon®ETFE Film is over 95% and it is very suitable for use as greenhouse covering.

Thickness Flame UL94
µm Class
25∼150 VTM-0
200 V-2
250∼280 V-0

Mechanical Properties

Item Test method Unit Fluon®ETFE Film PET PO PVC
      60µm 100µm 150µm 150µm 100µm
Tensile strength JIS K7127 MPa 58 60 230 35 25
Tensile Elongation JIS K7127 % 394 406 81 600 340
Elmendorf tear strength JIS K7128-2 N 13 21 1 10 9
Right angle tear strength JIS K7128-3 N/mm 214 214 387 128 76

Fluon®ETFE Film has a very high tensile strength and very high tensile elongation.

Surface tension(unit:µN/cm)

230 340 370 420

Fluon®ETFE Film has low surface energy which in turn offers non-stick characteristics, for example, soil will not stick to its surface.
In addition snow slides down the Fluon®ETFE Film by itself. Dust and sand is removed by wind, rain and snow.
The above characteristics mean that in effect Fluon®ETFE Film is ''self-cleaning''.

Electrical properties
Electrical properties

The top figure shows the frequency effect of the dielectric contact of some fluoropolymers.
In the frequency range of 60-1010 Hz, the dielectric constant of Fluon®ETFE Film is not as same as that of PTFE and FEP, but is far lower than that of PVdF.
Furthermore, at high frequency above 106Hz, ε tends to be lower.The second graph shows temperature vs. dielectric constant, ε remains constant over a wide range of temperatures.

Electrical properties
Electrical properties

The above to the left figure shows the effect of frequency on the dielectric tangent(tanδ) for Fluon®ETFE Film.
Tanδ in Fluon®ETFE Film has a maximum value close to 108Hz.
The figure to the right shows the temperature vs. the dielectric tangent. The plotted lines are different according to the frequency.

Range of Products

Fluon®ETFE Filmは12µmから200µmまで豊富な品揃えでお客様のニーズにお答えします。

12 N 1200 S
1000m/Roll (approx. 25.2kg/roll)

21 GS 1220 NT
1000m/Roll (approx. 44.8kg/roll)

25 MW 1250 NT
1000m/Roll (approx. 54.7kg/roll)

25 N 1250 NT
1000m/Roll (approx. 54.7kg/roll)

40 N 1250 NT
500m/Roll (approx. 43.8kg/roll)

50 HK 1250 NT
530m/Roll (approx. 58.0kg/roll)

50 KN 1250 NT
530m/Roll (approx. 58.0kg/roll)

50 N 1250 NT
500m/Roll (approx. 54.7kg/roll)

100 N 1250 NT
250m/Roll (approx. 54.7kg/roll)

200 N 1250 NT
50m/Roll (approx. 21.9kg/roll)

100 N 1600 NT
Details available on request from the sales office.

250 N 1600 NT
Details available on request from the sales office.

Applications of Fluon®ETFE Film

Release film for manufacture of electric devices

Fluon®ETFE Film can be used at temperatures over 200℃. It prevents resin overflow and has high tensile and tear strength. It does not contaminate copper surface or separator plates.

Heat resistance Chemical resistance Non flammability Non-stick Properties Electrical properties Mechanical Properties

Protective film for solar cells

Fluon®ETFE Film offers high durability. After over 10 years' exposure, degradation of light transmittance and mechanical properties are very low. Fluon®ETFE Film is not torn easily even if scratched, due to its excellent mechanical properties.

Durability Transparency Non flammability

Lamination film for kitchen range hoods, wall paper and other household applications.

Fluon®ETFE Film provides a wipe-clean surface.

Heat resistance Chemical resistance Durability Non flammability Non-stick Properties

Protective film for noise absorbers

Fluon®ETFE Film is highly durable and is ideal for long-term outdoor use.
Fluon®ETFE Film can protect and prolong the life of glass wool.

Durability Non flammability

Release film for FRP

Fluon®ETFE Film offers excellent heat resistance, making Fluon®ETFE Film ideal for the application of release film for FRP.

Heat resistance Non flammability Non-stick Properties

Fluon®ETFE Film Datasheet

Test Unit ASTM Fluon®ETFE Film
Mechanical Properties  
  Specific gravity - ASTM D792 1.75
  Tensile strength MPa JIS K7127 over 39
  Tensile Elongation % JIS K7127 200∼510
Thermal Properies  
  Melting point - 260
  Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient 10-5/℃ ASTM D696 9.4
  Flammability - - Non-flammability
  Continuous service temperature   150∼180
Chemical Properties  
  Water absorption(23℃、24hrs) % ASTM D570 0.03
  Chemical resistance - ASTM D543 excellent
Electrical Properties  
  Volume specific resistance Ω·cm ASTM D257 1017
  Dielectric constant(23℃、1MHz) - ASTM D150 2.6
  Dielectric tangent - ASTM D150  
   60Hz     0.0006
   1kHz     0.0008
   1MHz     0.005
   1GHz     0.01
  Break-downvoltage kV/0.1mm ASTM D149 12
  Arc resistance s ASTM D495 120

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